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Link your brand to the campaign

7 Oct

Have you seen the panasonic facebook campaign, the persecution of Rommy Gulla? Basically, for 28 days, they are pulling some pretty nast practical jokes on “Rommy” (obviously an actor) for 28 days.

I don’t get it. It is pretty nasty and in my opinion, it is in effect bullying. If it happened to someone in real life, they would be a complete mess by the end of week one and I don’t see how it advertises products the brand wants it to, other than being lowest common denominator marketing by trying to appeal to jackass fans. Sure, there are competitions and it requires you to come back for 28 days in a row (or just twice, once at the begining and once at the end of the process). Plus, what is the link between the competition and the brand?


P.S. Good to see you again.


Progressive Campaigning – the re-launch!

9 Jan

You may have noticed I have changed the focus, look and feel of the site this morning. This is part of my 2010 aim to get back into blogging. I was looking at my posts and the old naff name didn’t go anywhere near capturing the theme that had started to appear.

I am a progressive PR, comms strategist and campaigner and that is where my interests and skills lie. Occasionally I typed out a piece that wasn’t comms based (and I still will), but I thought I should refocus the blog to talk about what I know and what I’m good at. I think this way, I’ll be able to enjoy it more and will be able to incorporate pieces from my normal life – which ensures I’ll blog more.

So, I hope you enjoy the feel of the new site and I look forward to your comments.

Will Henry’s PR campaign work?

23 Nov

Thierry Henry has clearly brought in a crisis PR firm, or at least his agent is working over time. After the debacle of Ireland being thrown out of the World Cup due to the Hand of Henry, Henry said replaying the match was the only fair thing to do. Albeit, he did say it after FIFA had already rejected the Irish request to do just that.

Now Henry says he was abandoned by the French Football Federation and seriously considered retiring from international football. Of course he has thought better of this and he is still going to South Africa.

Obviously, Henry is trying to sell himself as a victim here, but I don’t know how much sympathy anyone really has for him.

Will this PR campaign to lift his reputation out of the gutter work? Only time will tell, but I can pretty much guarantee the Republic of Ireland won’t be buying any Henry shirts in the near future.