About Me

I’m an Australian who up until recently resided in London, England working in Public Affairs and PR. I now work for a progressive Union in Australia as Industry Campaigner, which is a Union/NGO friendly way of saying I’m a PR.

I am slightly (completley) obsessed by politics, communications, developing world issues, environmental sustainability and how politics, communication and social media combine. In fact I live and breath politics – I think it is because it is essentially a sport and as an Australian, I’m obliged to love all sports.

I’m sure you can tell by my posts that I’m left leaning and am a proud member of the ALP.

Who are my heroes –

  • Abraham Lincoln – the guy was just a genius. Not only was he a hero in terms of civil rights, he was a consummate politician. Clever, quick, moral and effective. Read Team of Rivals, you won’t be sorry.
  • Alistair Campbell – say what you want about him, as a political communicator, he was second to none. He held the message and controlled it and most importantly, he wasn’t afraid to get dirty and wrestle with the Right in their own back yard. This is something many on the Left won’t do, but we should.
  • Barack Obama – yes I’m an Obamamaniac. I don’t know if I like him because he is someone other that George Bush, or if I am a sucker for the Change doctrine, but I’m sold… so far.
  • Mathew Hayden – kept on the outside of the Australian Cricket Team for most of his twenties, only to come back at the age of 27 to become arguably the greatest test opener of all time, certainly of his generation. There’s hope for me yet

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