So, Mitt Romney just bored his way to a loss

12 Apr

So, campaigning for the 2012 US Presidential Election has finally begun. I love this time of the election cycle, where we can review ads, dissect them and work out who is going to do well and place bets on who will be the first to sack their campaign staff.

Mitt Romney has just formally announced his candidacy by affirmed his reputation as captain boring as  he introduces himself in a two minute chat about what he did last week. What is strange about this kind of introductory film is that it’s not as though people don’t know who Mitt Romney is. He was a serious candidate to be the 2008 Republican Nominee; he was Governor of Minnesota Massachusetss; he has been listed as a potential 2012 candidate since Obama’s win. So why does he need to introduce himself this way? He should remind people of his points of view and convictions, especially when he has been tarnished in the eyes of the Right by his version of Obama Care and people are suspicious of his religion. He has to show his morals are the same as the next good right wing American’s and I don’t think he does here.

On the flip side of the coin, Tim Pawlenty (or T-Paw according to his website) clearly has employed Jonathan Demme to direct his campaign ads. I’d watch this movie, but I wouldn’t vote for the guy. It’s an interesting concept to use an attack ad to launch a Presidential candidacy, especially when Pawlenty is an unknown compared to Romney.  He should mix this, with Romney’s and he would have a much better ad.

I’ll review Obama’s ad in the next few days


2 Responses to “So, Mitt Romney just bored his way to a loss”

  1. R N April 13, 2011 at 2:10 am #

    Are you really that dense? You are so out of touch with reality that you don’t even realize where Romney was governor. Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, Not Minnesota. It is understandable how you can confuse Romney with Jesse Ventura, however.

    “progressive campaigning”? It’s the first day of his “exploratory committee” and you’ve already declared the winner, or at least the loser. Yeah, that’s progressive. You don’t like the guy; you think he’s “boring” so you declare him a loser. I’m impressed.

    Will Romney win? Perhaps not. But wow, you scare me.

    • Nick Osborne April 13, 2011 at 7:20 am #

      Ahh, anonymous internet rage, a true sign my blog has made it. Anyway, thanks for you commets. Hands up, I got Minnesota and Massachusetts wrong, it didn’t seem right as I was writing it, but that was at the same time my girlfriend was standing at the door waiting for me to finish so we could go to a friends bbq. I’ll be more careful in the future.

      As for boring, here are a few other references from reasonably respected sources that mention Romney’s lack of charisma (code fore boring),

      As for the exploratory committee, this is universally recognised as being the first opportunity to put up your hand to say “I’m running for President”. It has to be right, it has to hit the mark straight away. If not, you’re on the backfoot and playing catch up. There are specific things that Romney needs to address, but he doesn’t here. Sure, it is hyperbole to say that he has lost, that is my licence as the author. But he hasn’t set himself in good stead.

      And as for liking him, I prefer Romney to Pawlenty, but I won’t vote for either.

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