Alternative vote – alternative campaign ideas

9 Jan

The Independent has got some high-profile marketeers together to mock-up some posters on behalf of the yes and no camps.

There are some pretty interesting and exciting examples and I’m sure there are quite a few that the different sides would have liked to have come up with themselves.

In particular, I like the “Vote for Change? Apparently Not” and the “No MP’s seat should  be safe”.

Both give a clear message to a complicated issue. The Winston Churchill poster is good, but as you can see from Sunder Kawala’s post, there are a few historical issues, but I don’t know if the public would recognise these. I also see his point that the vote for change poster would never be branded Lib-Dem, but there is nothing to say the Yes Campaign couldn’t attack Cameron, much as the No campaign could attack Clegg. In fact, if they don’t I’d be surprised – coalition or not.

The other posters are too complicated I feel. I think, if a member of the public has to think about an ad, it isn’t a good one.

I do give a well done for trying award to the “don’t waste your vote” poster, but I think the lines should be swapped around. The statement surrounding wasting your vote should be on top with bigger writing to go with the image and perhaps the line saying shouldn’t every vote count should be embedded on the side.


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