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Umm… What the hell were they thinking

9 Dec

So, I don’t want to delve too deep into the student protests in the UK overnight, but obviously, they are a big deal. An even bigger deal is the attack on Charles and Camilla’s car. The basic question I have, which bright spark thought it was a good idea to drive the heir to the throne through a middle of a protest? A protest which had already shown there were some violent hangers-on who aren’t interested in the issue, just anarchy. To drive a royal car, filled with people who will never have any problems paying for anything, through a crowd of disgruntled students who have just been told their uni fees will rise threefold, is extraordinarily stupid.




Campaign video

3 Dec

While I’m at it, this is an amazing video too.


Video to mark World AIDS day.

3 Dec

This is a video I saw a few months ago, but it is still incredibly moving. Its just really, really well done.