Sorry, I’ve been bad

6 Nov

To my legion of one readers – my bad, I’ve been very lazy. But I promise I’ll get back into the swing of things.

As you know, I’ve moved back to Australia after living in the UK for three and a half years. Apparently I have an English accent which, no offence to my British friends, is absolutely awful.

After a few weeks in sunny Malaysia in between the UK and Australia, I have settled into our little apartment in Bondi Beach with sea views – a great way to wake up every morning.

I’m working as an industry campaigner (essentially doing public relations) for one of the bigger unions in Australia, the LHMU, specifically coordinating its publication Union News and running comms for the Clean Start campaign. I love being part of a proper leftist organisation and I’m enjoying the challenge of expanding my skill sets. But I won’t lie, I miss the politics.

That’s partly why I’ve finally taken the plunge and am now a member of the ALP, the first time I’ve ever been a member of a political party. Its a bit weird not being (officially) apolitical, but its not that much of a stretch.

I’ve been reading Alistair Campbell’s Diaries which have been amazing. Its not just that he tells a great story, but its been fascinating to get inside his head and he has been incredibly honest, about his mindset anyway. After some of the challenges I’ve experienced since I’ve been back, its heartening to see that even the infallible are fallible. Very cathartic.

Other than that, all is going well and I’ll update you more soon.


One Response to “Sorry, I’ve been bad”

  1. tombaker November 7, 2010 at 3:00 pm #

    G’day NickO. Glad its all going well in Oz for you, and fraternal greetings to the ALP.

    Check out The New Machiavelli: How to Wield Power in the Modern World by Jonathan Powell when you’ve finsihed with Alistair Campbell

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