Do we know what will be in the Queen’s Speech

10 Nov

It occurred to me that the Queen’s Speech is only a week away.  Personally the pomp and circumstance behind the event is all part of outdated tradition, but as parliamentary events go, it is incredibly important.

What particularly strikes me this year is that it has all been kept fairly well under-wraps. We know that there will be something about energy and climate change, Ed Miliband has said as much on Monday during his statement to
the House of Commons (see Hansard 9 Nov 2009 : Column 32). We also know that the Bill to allow the authorities to snoop our emails, Facebook, Twitter etc., won’t be included in the next parliament. Apparently, there will also be no electoral reform included, but Brown suggested that would go to a plebiscite in his Conference speech anyway.

Other than that, it is pretty quiet, we have a better idea of what is out than what is in.

What is interesting is, previously, we have a pretty good idea of its contents by now. Likewise with the budget, there is always information floating a good week and a half prior. Although, we also have the pre-budget report to give us significant hints.

Last year, we had the draft Queen’s Speech so very little was a surprise,  but there hasn’t been one in 2009.

So what’s going on? Has the government truly run out of ideas? Of course not. Policies and legislation come from focus groups, think tanks and other areas, also, that is why Ministers are shuffled, not just because they do a bad job.

I think the government probably has some very interesting policies and legislation up its sleeve that will give a bonanza of ideas designed to help get Labour reelected.

It is likely that a number of legislative options will come from Brown’s keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference, a speech I thought had a lot of really impressive policies in it, including legislating the 0.7% of GNP to developing world aid.

I think we can expect to begin to hear leaks from tomorrow at PMQs and increasing over the weekend.

I look forward to the speech and I just hope that it can help Labour get back on its feet.


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