Canvassing in Tooting – Bedford Ward

8 Nov

By Nick Osborne

I joined the local Bedford Ward Labour team, part of Wandsworth Labour, this afternoon on a very, very chilly afternoon in SW17.It was a good session with a good deal of support for Labour and our local member Sadiq Khan.

I’m noticing that, while there is dissatisfaction with Labour on a national level, a fair amount of voters who would normally vote Labour but aren’t happy don’t seem to be able to fully support Cameron and the Tories and are either now in the swing vote category, or will probably vote Labour for Sadiq, or because they still support them on principle. If this is being replicated across the country, things aren’t as cut and dry as the media has been saying.

I admit, it is hard for someone to say they don’t want to vote for a certain party, especially when a representative of that party standing right in front of them. But, I think there is still an underlying support for Labour and a mistrust for Cameron and the Conservatives.

Hopefully, this will lead to positive things happening at the ballot box in May. I’m not so much of a blind supporter to presume Labour will romp it in, that’s not going to happen, but I can envision a hung parliament, or  worst  case scenario, a Conservative Government with a majority of less than 40.

Anyway, we wait and see and hope.


One Response to “Canvassing in Tooting – Bedford Ward”

  1. Willo November 9, 2009 at 12:32 pm #

    I think that Tooting will be representative of a traditionally strong Labour seat as it has been Labour going back to the 1980s. I think a better gauge of Tory support would be somewhere like Hampstead and Kilburn, with a declining majority where Glenda Jackson will be nervous. But still I do not think Mr Khan is safe, although he should really hang on.

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