Canvassing with Sadiq Khan MP in Tooting

13 Sep

More of a diary update, rather than a comment piece.

I’ve been recently toying with the idea of joining a political party and as I’ve no doubt you have realised that my preference is for the Labour Party.

Well, I have recently volunteered with Sadiq Khan’s (Lab-Tooting) office offering to do what I can and when I can. Well, today I joined his team out canvassing in the local area. Sadiq has quite impressive and seemed really engaged with the local constituents. If they had a problem he was really keen to speak with them to see what he could do. A couple of people seemed really impressed that he was there to listen and said they would vote for him because of it. I’m sure if every Labour MP and PPC can do the same, Labour has more than a chance at the next election.

But anyway, I enjoyed it and I know I’ll be back to help in the coming weeks.


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