MP Blogs

19 Aug

Total Politics has published a list of the Top 30 MP Blogs and it is well worth a look. I think it is interesting that two leading Labour new media strategists Kerry McCarthy MP, who was just made Labour’s New Media Tsar and Tom Watson MP only come in as 5 and 6 respectively.

According to Total Politics, this is the result of more than 1,500 people who voted in the Total Politics Annual Blog Poll during the second half of July.

1 (2) Tom Harris LA
2 (1) John Redwood CO
3 (12) Douglas Carswell CO
4 (4) Nadine Dorries CO
5 (8) Kerry McCarthy LA
6 (3) Tom Watson LA
7 (6) Adam Price PC
8 (5) Lynne Featherstone LD
9 (10) David Jones CO
10 (11) Paul Flynn LA
11 Willie Rennie LD
12 Frank Field LA
13 (7) John McDonnell LA
14 David Miliband LA
15 John Hemming LD
16 Richard Spring CO
17 (18) Steve Webb LD
18 Nick Clegg LD
19 Michael Meacher LA
20 (9) Jeremy Hunt CO
21 (16) Austin Mitchell LA
22 John Barrett LD
23 Andy Reed LA
24 (17) Sadiq Khan LA
25 (20) Adrian Sanders LD
26 Andrew Gwynne LA
27 (14) Ed Vaizey CO
28 Andy Love LA
29 Oliver Heald CO
30 Richard Benyon CO


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