To party or not to party

17 Aug

I’ve recently been weighing up the options of joining a political party. As a former journalist and now as a public affairs consultant, I’ve always been torn between my support of certain political ideologies and my determination to stay neutral at all times. If I was activly party political, I’ve wondered if I could do my job properly. The fact is though, I’m in an industry where it is almost impossible not to have an opinion and many of my colleagues support one party or another.

I recently posed this question on my twitter page. The responses seemed to be just because you support a party, doesn’t mean you are biased if you do your job well and I should go for it. Although, one person pointed out it is almost impossible to not be biased as a party member. I said that in reality, I already support one particular party, but that doesn’t stop me from doing my job properly already, so what difference would carrying a membership card make.

I still don’t know if I want to join the particular party or not, would it be detrimental and beneficial to my career? Would it open or shut doors? Will it not make a lick of difference either way?

I haven’t made up my mind, I could just cop out and join an affiliated think-tank, but I think it raises an interesting question. Party memberships have fallen and many people have said it is because it is due to declining interest in politics, lack of connection between Westminster and the public, or today’s generations simply not being ‘joiners’.

I’d love to know your thoughts.


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