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Total Politics list of the top 100 Conservative Blogs

29 Aug


Below is the list of the top 100 Conservative blogs as voted in Total Politics.

I know it isn’t a Tory blog as such, but it is interesting that Order Order isn’t on this list, because, lets face it, it is assumed to be a Tory blog – what’s the deal Guido?

1. Iain Dale
2. Conservative Home
3. Dizzy Thinks
4. Daniel Hannan MEP
5. Tory Bear
6. Archbishop Cranmer
7. John Redwood MP
8. Douglas Carswell MP
9. Letters from a Tory
10. Burning our Money
11. Donal Blaney
12. Mr Eugenides
13. Shane Greer
14. Nadine Dorries MP
15. Tory Radio
16. Working Class Tory
17. Raedwald
18. A Very British Dude
19. TrueBlueBlood
20. Richard Willis
21. Paul Scully
22. Tim Roll-Pickering
23. Unenlightened Commentary
24. Daily Referendum
25. A Pint of Unionist Lite
26. Cardiff Blogger
27. Steve Tierney
28. Boris Johnson
29. Tory Rascal
30. Croydonian
31. David Jones MP
32. Mike Rouse
33. House of Dumb
34. The Wardman Wire
35. Roger Helmer MEP
36. Fugitive Ink
37. Glyn Davies
38. Young Conservative
39. James Cleverly AM
40. Scottish Tory Boy
41. Neil Reddin
42.Burke’s Corner
43. Dylan Jones-Evans
44. Prodicus
45. Tory Politico
46. Blue Blog
47. Dave Luckett
48. Ewan Watt
49. Moscow Tory
50. Steve Barclay
51. Iain Lindley
52. John Ward
53. Man in a Shed
54. Oberon Houston
55. Tory Outcast
56. Angels in Marble
57. Tory Totty
58. Centre Right
59. James Burdett
60. Lightwater
61. Lone Voice
62. Thoughts from North Durham
63. Platform 10
64. Linguanaut
65. Ian Lewis & Leah Fraser
66. Posh Tory
67. Stonemason
68. City Hall (Roger Evans AM)
69. Denverstrope
70. Emma Warman
71. Terrible Tory Girl
72. Benjamin Gray
73. Andrew Allison
74. Tory Story
75. Conservative & Unionist NI
76. Jack of Kent
77. Tales from a Draughty Old Fen
78. Ted Foan
79. Thunder Dragon
80. UCL Conservatives
81. Rene Kinzett
82. Richard Spring MP
83. Tory Reform Group
84. Marcus Wood
85. Mikey’s Tent of Reality
86. Spin Blog
87. David Gold 4 Eltham
88. Ellee Seymour
89. A Conservative’s Blog
90. Cambridge Conservatives
91. Jeremy Hunt MP
92. Muffled Vociferation
93. Alan Collins
94. Chris Whiteside
95. Conservative Future
96. Rachel Joyce
97. Ed Vaizey
98. Tracey Crouch
99. Hunter & Shooter
100. Kevin Lynes


What are the Climate Camp protestors hoping to achieve?

28 Aug

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in man-made climate change and I think governments across the world need to make some hard decisions very, very quickly if we are to stave off a disaster with worldwide implications. And I can understand why some people think Government’s are working too slowly to prevent climate change related chaos because, in my opinion, they are.

But, what are the Climate Camp and other organisations like Plane Stupid protestors trying to achieve? Sure, throwing green custard on Peter Mandelson was a little bit funny, managing to scale the House of Commons to unfurl their banner was a reasonably impressive publicity stunt and their earlier protests against the third runway at Heathrow and the Drax coal-fired power station had some merit.

But the fact is stunts like these are only going to start to really doing some damage to their campaigns. Blocking streets, stopping people from working aren’t going to make people sympathetic for their cause. In fact, it is probably going to start to really piss people off (pardon my French).

And unfortunately, we all remember the scenes of the G20 protests in April that saw police use excessive force, but let’s face it, not all of the protesters were totally innocent.

I also get the impression that even some of the more reasonable protests always seem to deteriorate into a festival atmosphere. That isn’t going to impress average working people who are the ones that need to be convinced increasing their taxes and cost of fuel bills will be worth it in the end.

Even Greenpeace, which has in the past been known to pull some pretty impressive stunts themselves (one of my favourites is below after the Pasha Bulker tanker ran aground on the beach of Newcastle Australia), haven’t really been publicly involved with the latest Climate Camp protests.

I’d be really interested in your thoughts as to whether the Climate Camp protestors are helping raise awareness surrounding climate change, or if they are just kids who are doing more damage than good.

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Greenpeace Australia shine the words "this is what climate change looks like" onto the hull of the Pasha Bulker tanker which beached in Newcastle, Australia

Greenpeace Australia shine the words "this is what climate change looks like" onto the hull of the Pasha Bulker tanker which beached in Newcastle, Australia

Total Politics – top 25 green blogs

21 Aug

Keeping with my previous posts, Total Politics has published its list of top 25 green blogs. enjoy.

1 )1) The Daily (Maybe)
2 (2) Two Doctors
3 (9) Peter Cranie
4 (3) Another Green World
5 (10) Barkingside 21
6 (7) Philobiblon
7 (6) Green Ladywell
8 (18) Rupert Read
9 (16) Ruscombe Green
10 Green Reading
11 Mabinogogiblog
12 Anglo-Buddhist Combine
13 Joseph Healy for Vauxhall
14 Bloggy Blanc
15 Caroline Lucas MEP
16 East is Green
17 Green Construction UK
18 Stuart’s Big Green Spot
19 Weggis
20 Whirled Peas
21 (5) George Monbiot
22 Green Left
23 (13) Greenman’s Occasional Organ
24 Croydon Greens
25 Greenpeace

MP Blogs

19 Aug

Total Politics has published a list of the Top 30 MP Blogs and it is well worth a look. I think it is interesting that two leading Labour new media strategists Kerry McCarthy MP, who was just made Labour’s New Media Tsar and Tom Watson MP only come in as 5 and 6 respectively.

According to Total Politics, this is the result of more than 1,500 people who voted in the Total Politics Annual Blog Poll during the second half of July.

1 (2) Tom Harris LA
2 (1) John Redwood CO
3 (12) Douglas Carswell CO
4 (4) Nadine Dorries CO
5 (8) Kerry McCarthy LA
6 (3) Tom Watson LA
7 (6) Adam Price PC
8 (5) Lynne Featherstone LD
9 (10) David Jones CO
10 (11) Paul Flynn LA
11 Willie Rennie LD
12 Frank Field LA
13 (7) John McDonnell LA
14 David Miliband LA
15 John Hemming LD
16 Richard Spring CO
17 (18) Steve Webb LD
18 Nick Clegg LD
19 Michael Meacher LA
20 (9) Jeremy Hunt CO
21 (16) Austin Mitchell LA
22 John Barrett LD
23 Andy Reed LA
24 (17) Sadiq Khan LA
25 (20) Adrian Sanders LD
26 Andrew Gwynne LA
27 (14) Ed Vaizey CO
28 Andy Love LA
29 Oliver Heald CO
30 Richard Benyon CO

To party or not to party

17 Aug

I’ve recently been weighing up the options of joining a political party. As a former journalist and now as a public affairs consultant, I’ve always been torn between my support of certain political ideologies and my determination to stay neutral at all times. If I was activly party political, I’ve wondered if I could do my job properly. The fact is though, I’m in an industry where it is almost impossible not to have an opinion and many of my colleagues support one party or another.

I recently posed this question on my twitter page. The responses seemed to be just because you support a party, doesn’t mean you are biased if you do your job well and I should go for it. Although, one person pointed out it is almost impossible to not be biased as a party member. I said that in reality, I already support one particular party, but that doesn’t stop me from doing my job properly already, so what difference would carrying a membership card make.

I still don’t know if I want to join the particular party or not, would it be detrimental and beneficial to my career? Would it open or shut doors? Will it not make a lick of difference either way?

I haven’t made up my mind, I could just cop out and join an affiliated think-tank, but I think it raises an interesting question. Party memberships have fallen and many people have said it is because it is due to declining interest in politics, lack of connection between Westminster and the public, or today’s generations simply not being ‘joiners’.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

He may be on holidays, but the PM is still in charge

11 Aug

I’ve been a tad stunned by the reports over the past couple of weeks regarding who is in power with the Prime Minister on holidays and as a person who studied, trained and for a while practiced as a journalist, there are a number of issues that I feel are worth discussing. The headlines that have really surprised me revolve around Gordon Brown’s two Parliamentary lieutenants, Harriet Harmon and Lord Mandelson both having overlapping holidays, which allegedly meant that that there was no one in charge of the country for two whole days.

I’ve heard of media beat-ups before and I know the British media like to attack their own representatives constantly – just look at what they are doing to the English cricket team after their loss to Australia on Sunday (not that I’m complaining about that mind you). But to think that just because the Prime Minister is on holidays… in his own constituency… in the UK, there is no one in charge shows that it is actually the journalists who have gone on holidays.

When the PM was in Italy for the G8, he was still in charge. Just because Harriet Harman represented him at Prime Minister’s Questions, doesn’t mean she suddenly became PM. If there was an issue of national importance, Gordon Brown would undoubtedly be running the show.

The PM, much to Sarah Brown’s annoyance I’m sure, will still be flanked by advisers and will no doubt be spending a good deal of his ‘down time’ discussing policy, strategies and politics. A PM couldn’t just shut down even if he wanted to.

The Prime Minister is always in charge, that is what he was elected (or not in this case) to do. Pre Alexander Graham Bell, Bill Gates, telegraph communications and electricity, I could understand the argument, but not now.

However, mostly this is summer headline grabbing journalism and if this is what Mr Murdoch wants us to pay for online, I’ll pass thanks.

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